Event: Music & Spoken Word Performance, Sat. July 22nd, 4:00-6:00pm

July 6, 2017

Spanning earthly blues to the cosmos…
Charlie Chan, Ben Finley, Cameron Washington, Chris Ryan Williams

“The blues are the only consistent art in the United States which constantly remind us of our limitations while encouraging us to see how far we can actually go.“ -Ralph Ellison

Please join us for an afternoon performance of sound, movement, and spoken word with Charlie Chan (harmonica, guitar, spoken word), Ben Finley (bass & FX), Cameron Washington (poems and spoken word), and Chris Ryan Williams (trumpet & FX) on the occasion of Joe Ray’s Complexion Constellation.

Inspired by Ray’s explorations of inner and outer space, the performers incite a trajectory through the exhibition galleries through a told history of the harmonica and slide guitar, poems, movement, and electro-acoustic trumpet and bass sounds that seamlessly weave into each other and speak of the blues as symbolic expression of the human condition.

Please RSVP by email to info@dianerosenstein.com