"5 Fantastic Left Coast Art Galleries at Seattle Art Fair 2017" | Vanguard Seattle by T.s. Flock

Aug. 1, 2017

Seeing art galleries should be part of any leisurely travel experience, and not knowing what you’ll see when you walk in is part of the fun. That said, it’s nice to know the overall style and vision of a gallery before you visit, especially if you have limited time.

Seattle Art Fair offers a great opportunity to familiarize yourself with some left coast galleries, big and small. It will help you get inspired to see some new art the next time you visit their part of the country.

Diane Rosenstein Gallery – Los Angeles (Booth C14)

Diane Rosenstein Gallery is right in the glitzy heart of Los Angeles, between Santa Monica Boulevard and Melrose Avenue on Highland Drive. Artworks at the gallery run the gamut, from the paintings of the late Op Art legend Julian Stanczak to the meticulous miniatures of Roland Reiss. At the Seattle Art Fair, there will be a number of sculptures from one of my favorite artists represented by Rosenstein, Gisela Colon.

Colon’s work is in the tradition of the Light and Space movement that arose in Southern California in the 1960s, whose luminaries include James Turrell and Helen Pashgian. Colon forms her luminous sculptures through a proprietary technique that is baffling and elusive when you look at them. If (like me) you didn’t get a chance to see Colon’s solo show at Diane Rosenstein Gallery in January, don’t miss her work at the fair. These sculptures simply cannot translate into photos. You’ll also see works by Stanczak, Charles Fine and Damien Flood.