10 Picks From Seattle Art Fair 2017: Interview Magazine by Cedar Pasori

August 02, 2017

Aug. 3, 2017

Tomorrow, the Seattle Art Fair opens its doors for the third time. Although the fair is young, it's already a beloved destination for experiencing and collecting art in the Pacific Northwest. The 2017 edition features 99 galleries representing 30 cities globally, with 58 from the Pacific Rim alone, in addition to lectures and specially commissioned installations.

...Our favorite works on display, including a collage by Kurt Cobain, Gisela Colon's sci-fi-esque sculpture, and Lee Wan's installation of 668 ticking clocks.  

Diane Rosenstein Gallery features this Morph Pod by Gisela Colon, which was made using vibrant, blow-molded plastic. This sculpture series references larvae, amoebas, and other biomorphic forms, likening them to the human body through intense, distorted abstraction.