"It's All Good..." in Juxtapoz: Review by Gwynned Vitello

Jan. 13, 2018

“It’s All Good” might be the best mantra for ending a jaw-gaping year and it’s also the name of the group show that exhibits at the Diane Rosenstein Gallery through January 13 of what could also be a mind-numbing 2018. With his Cum Laude series of paintings, Hollywood denizen Steve Olson joins fellow Angelenos, Brain Rochefort inspired by time in the mahogany forest and Daniel Gibson, pulsing with Chicano culture, along with Delft potter Jesse Edwards of New York City, to form a quartet traveling from the primal to the present. Whether trained in Delft blue pottery or carving lines on concrete, each draws from the drama of life, looks forward, sucks it up and decides “It’s All Good.” 

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