KATSU in The Art Gorgeous

by Nadja Sayej, November 12, 2018

Nov. 13, 2018

The AI-made artwork that recently launched at Christie’s has been all the rage recently, as it garnered almost half a million dollars for its sale.

Meanwhile, a whole other movement of artists are experimenting with drone-made paintings. Katsu is one of them.

While most know him for his spray-painted billboard of Kendall Jenner in Times Square, his oeuvre is so much more. Katsu has made spray-painted drone paintings on canvas, which are on view at Diane Rosenstein Gallery in L.A.

The artist’s Smiles series (dubbed “drunken pop art”) are on view alongside his blotchy Drone Flowers, which look a bit like action paintings by Jackson Pollock. The gallery claims these works are “21st Century Action Paintings,” made entirely without hands (unless you count the hands behind the controllers, of course). Tech art still has soul and yes, it can be fun!