Review: "King Dogs Never Grow Old" in KCRW's Art Insider

"A group show celebrates modern surrealism" by Lindsay Preston Zappas

Jan. 14, 2020

The title of a group show at Diane Rosenstein, curated by Brooke Wise, is borrowed from a surrealist text. Per the press release, the collection of more than 20 artworks is meant to allude to a dreamlike unconscious. Certainly, some do, like Ginny Casey’s “Balancing Cat,” a bizarre painting of a preening cat-like creature balancing a plate and fruit atop its lumpy body.  Others, like Scott Reeder’s “Band Names” — in which the artist lists fictional band names like Beer Experiment, The Noodles, and Kevin — feel more cooly self-aware.  As a whole, the exhibition gels into an overall tenor of play. Rose Nestler’s oversized garments — one containing whistle pasties on a sports-bra-type ensemble — stand out in the exhibition, each striking the perfect surrealist balance of humor, pop, play, and perverse sexuality. 

On view: January 4–February 1, 2020