Farrah Karapetian in HereIn

By Chantel Paul

Aug. 31, 2020

Gallery artist Farrah Karapetian is the subject of a profile in HereIn, a journal for artists and writers to engage in thoughtful exchange around contemporary art
"While often considered a photographer working in large-scale, Farrah Karapetian is not shy about dancing beside this medium and meandering into other realms of artmaking— such as sculpture, performance, or drawing—as part of her practice. In fact, she is fueled by a profound sense of openness and curiosity, coupled with an intent desire to disrupt, provoke, and communicate: a thread that runs through the work Karapetian has made over the past decade. Her finished objects are a refreshing beacon, coming at a time when photography has reentered a space of unfettered experimentation."
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