Dan Miller in The New Yorker's "How a Revered Studio for Artists with Disabilities is Surviving at a Distance"

By Dan Piepenbring

Sept. 24, 2020

Gallery artist Dan Miller is mentioned in The New Yorker's profile on Creative Growth Art Center, the non-profit based in Oakland, California that serves artists with disabilities.
"Since its founding, in 1974, Creative Growth has garnered a reputation for its amorphous methods of nurturing talent and for the calibre of its artists, some of whom—Judith Scott, Dan Miller, Donald Mitchell, and John Martin—have found international success. (Lawrence Rinder, who recently stepped down as the director of the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, told the Times Magazine in 2015, “I was the dean of an art school for four years. If we had the same percentage of success, we’d be the best art school in all of history.”)"
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