Eleanor Antin in "Troy: Myth and Reality" reviewed by Widewalls

"This British Museum Show Tells The Story of Troy" by Balasz Takac, November 23, 2019
Widewalls published a review in November of The British Museum's exhibition Troy: Myth and Reality that includes gallery artist Eleanor Antin's photographic work "Judgment of Paris (after Rubens) - Dark Helen" (from her series "Helen's Odyssey," 2007).
The exhibition, which closed on March 8, 2020, explored the legend of Troy through historical as well as contemporary art.  The exhibition featured the intertwining of myth and fact through depictions of Helen of Troy's abduction, the Trojan Horse, and the fall of the city.  Actual artifacts from the city were on view alongside Eleanor Antin's photograph, and other contemporary works.
The review describes how Antin's "Judgment of Paris (after Rubens) - Dark Helen" (2007) explores the myth of Helen of Troy as emancipated from patriarchal influence. 
From the review: 
"The visitors will also be able to see the contemporary interpretations of the myth with a special focus on the mentioned seductress Helen. Namely, the renowned American feminist artist, Eleanor Antin explored the myth in order to speak about the present day patriarchal discourse, and so she produced the photographic series Helen’s Odyssey in 2007; she presented Helen of Troy as an emancipated woman free of patrimony through a series of imagined scenes from her life such as 'Judgment of Paris (after Rubens) – Dark Helen.'"
Troy: Myth and Reality was on view at the British Museum in London, UK from November 21, 2019 - March 8, 2020.
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November 23, 2019
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