Julian Stanczak retrospective at Fort Wayne Museum of Art

August 17 - November 24, 2019


Full Spectrum: Paintings, Drawings and Prints of Julian Stanczak; Wood and Stone Sculptures of Barbara Stanczak is now on view at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art, in Indiana.  


This retrospective, which opened on August 17th, encompasses the life and work of two artists -- Julian Stanczak (d. 2017) and his wife Barbara Meerpohl Stanczak -- in a visual dialogue of painting and sculpture.   This exhibition includes six decades of Julian Stanczak's oeuvre, from the progression from early figuration and abstraction, through his 1960s breakthough into OpArt and geometric minimalism. Rarely seen early paintings include "Red Christ (Czerwony Chrystus), 1952 and transitional mixed media abstractions, such as "Spring (Wiosna)," 1958, are on view alongside Barbara Stanczak's organic and biomorphic stone sculpture.


Fort Wayne Museum of Art
311 E Main Street
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46802


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August 23, 2019
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