Eleanor Antin in "Troy: Myth and Reality" at the British Museum UK

Exhibition Opens November 21, 2019


The British Museum announced their first major exhibition for Fall 2019, "Troy: Myth and Reality" which will include Eleanor Antin's Judgment of Paris (after Rubens) - Dark Helen (from her photographic series "Helen's Odyssey")which reexamines Helen's role in the Trojan War. 


The exhibition will explore Troy from the Iliad and the Odyssey, to the Hollywood film released in 2004.  This will be the first major Troy exhibition in the UK, and the first to feature finds from Heinrich Schliemann's excavations at the site of Troy, since they were displayed in London in the 1870s. 


The exhibition will be on display beginning November 21, 2019 continuing through March 8, 2020.  


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The British Museum
Room 30, British Museum,
Great Russell Street, London,

June 19, 2019
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