Art And Cake reviews Roland Reiss "The Castle of Perseverance"

"The Castle of Perseverance is Elegant and Haunting," by Genie Davis

"On view until May 28 at Diane Rosenstein Gallery, Roland Reiss: The Castle of Perseverance is a stunning, immersive collection infused with exquisite detail and sharp wit. From a full-sized recreation of home furnishings to richly detailed miniature figures in dioramas, the posthumous exhibition is absorbing and enchanting.


The artist and educator, who passed in December 2020, was well known for his miniatures, his large-scale paintings, and his devotion to expressing the drama, sorrows, and joys of human life.


Curated by Jorin Bossen, the life-sized sculptural works of The Castle of Perseverance central to the exhibition were first shown in 1978. Using unpainted particle board, Reiss creates a thoroughly recognizable environment that invites viewers directly “inside” his work, which represents a sleek American living room from the period in which it was created...."


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May 22, 2021
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