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Annabel Keenan reviews "Convergence" at Anna Zorina Gallery
If You’re a Helen Frankenthaler Fan Don’t Miss Heather Day’s Painted and Animated Explorations of Chance

In her review of "Convergence" — Heather Day's solo show at Anna Zorina Gallery in New New York City on view through August 27th, Annabel Keenan writes: 
"With colors and shapes reminiscent of Helen Frankenthaler, Day’s paintings are often associated with the Abstract Expressionist and Color Field movements. Standing in front of Day’s works, the swaths of translucent paint appear to slowly flow across the canvas with a sense of both movement and stillness, as if the placement of colors is perfectly controlled. Much like Frankenthaler with her soak-stain technique, the process of making Day’s works involves an element of chance. Working on rough, worn canvases that are cut and stitched together, Day floods her surfaces with paint while pushing, scraping, and smearing the colors. The fast act of pouring defies the waves of pigments slowly moving across each work."
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Heather Day: "Convergence" (Curated by Ché Morales) is on view through August 27th at Anna Zorina Gallery, NYC. 


August 9, 2021
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