Roland Reiss USA, 1929-2020

Roland Reiss is widely recognized for his Miniatures, but he was first and foremost a painter.  Roland Reiss’ miniature tableaux of the late Seventies and Eighties are widelyrecognized for utilizing the postmodern tools of structuralism, cinematic framing, andsemiotics to construct narratives, mysteries, and symbolic puzzles. He considers theseworks to be three-dimensional paintings and consider how personal values are expressed by the manner in which we live our lives and the objects that we surround ourselves with. 


Alongside his tableauxs, Reiss' flower paintings began partly as a reaction to the canon of subject hierarchy in art and they became the vehicle for expressing his accumulated experience in painting over the years and a framework to develop new insights. 


“The deepest part of painting is entering the consciousness of the painter through the material.”