Ilona Szwarc Poland/US, b. 1984

Ilona Szwarc is an artist who works in photography, sculpture, and performance. She explores themes of identity, transformation, and the dopplegänger - an inquiry rooted in her immigrant experience. As a female artist with a focus on self-portraiture, Szwarc plays the voyeur of her own experience. An immigrant to the United States whose identity was reformed around another language and home, Szwarc is familiar with what it means to observe oneself; to see oneself clearly through gaps produced by an unfamiliar familiarity.   


She received an MFA (Photography) from Yale University and a BFA from the School of Visual Arts in NYC.  In 2021, Szwarc received a Fountainhead Arts Residency in Miami; and an large scale installation of her photographs and sculpture  was acquired by the Rosa and Carlos de la Cruz Collection, in Miami.