Way Out Now : Yale MFA Painting/Printmaking 2018

June 16 - July 21, 2018

Diane Rosenstein Gallery is pleased to present Way Out Now, a group exhibition of Yale’s 2018 MFA Painting and Printmaking graduates. Way Out Now will present twenty-three artists from the United States, Klamath Tribes, Mexico, and Colombia. This exhibition includes paintings, sculpture, ceramics, textiles, works on paper, video, and printed matter.  Way Out Now is our gallery’s second show with Yale School of Art MFA artists. Each artist has pursued studies in the category of “Painting” or “Printmaking,” yet they navigated that space in a way that manifested in a variety of forms - often blurring or transforming any distinctions between painting and sculpture, photography, multiples, writing or performance. Several artists appear to prioritize formal investigations, while others articulate their ideas around subjectivity (gender identity, race, personal histories) through form.  



The artists in this exhibition are Camille Altay, Felipe Baeza, Natalie Ball, Ernest A. Bryant III, Lauren Chun, Kenturah Davis, Daniel Ginsburg, Adam Higgins, Clare Kambhu, Kathryn Kerr, Antonia Kuo, Wyatt Lasky, Leslie Martinez, Alexandria Mento, Kent O’Connor, Johnathan Payne, Estefania Puerta, Julia Rooney, Ilana Savdie, Vaughn Spann, Maya Strauss, Emma Webster, and Chase Wilson.

Installation Views