Unsparing Quality : Curated by Farrah Karapetian

February 1 - March 22, 2014

Diane Rosenstein Fine Art is pleased to present Unsparing Quality, a group show

curated by Farrah Karapetian. The exhibition poses the question: where do Surrealist

impulses manifest in contemporary practice, and why are we seeing this now? The

response involves three generations of artists who engage the legacy of Surrealist

practice and offer work that investigates the subtle madness of the ordinary world.


The title of this exhibition is derived from André Breton's First Manifesto of Surrealism

(1924): "Beloved imagination, what I like most in you is your unsparing quality." The

imagination does not forgive nor does it spare the dreamer the pain and pleasure of

everyday life. This exhibition includes photographs, drawing, video, and sculpture by

twenty-eight artists - each an investigation into the poetic potential of the Everyday.