Lisa Beck: Space-time

November 12, 2022 - January 13, 2023

“For me, there's always an abstractive impulse, and a descriptive impulse. I don't see these as opposite really, but rather two sides of the same coin.”

Diane Rosenstein Gallery announces Space-time, a solo exhibition by Lisa Beck. The artist, who is based in Brooklyn, has shown her work extensively for the past forty years in New York and Europe. We are honored to host Lisa Beck’s inaugural exhibition in Los Angeles. 
Space-time embodies the idea that artworks can function as transcendental objects. Many of Beck’s works employ reflective materials such as mylar, mirror, aluminum leaf, metals, and polished acrylic. They look different from different angles as the viewer moves, highlighting the act of perception and providing a glimpse of the flux that is present behind the facade of solidity and continuity of matter. The circle, in all its many references – atoms, stars, cells, voids – is a frequent element in her work.  
Diane Rosenstein thanks Nathalie Karg Gallery for their assistance and support of this exhibition. 
Installation Views