Eleanor Antin Photographs Acquired by the Art Institute of Chicago

Vintage photographs from “King of Solana Beach” “The Angel of Mercy” now in permanent collection
We are happy to announce the Art Institute of Chicago has acquired photographs from gallery artist Eleanor Antin's iconic series, "The King Of Solana Beach," (1974-75), "The Angel of Mercy: My Tour of Duty in the Crimea," (1976-1977), and "The Angel of Mercy: The Nightingale Family Album" (1977).  
The Art Institute of Chicago, which already includes multiple works by Antin in their collection (including "CARVING: A Traditional Sculpture" (1972), and "100 Boots" (1971-73)), acquired "The Gentle Muse," (1977) and "War Games," (1976), as well as "The King of Solana Beach," (1974). The "King of Solana Beach" is part of the photodocumentation of an unannounced "life performance" in which Antin, in her persona as The King, greets his subjects all around his "kindom" of Solana Beach, CA. The photographs acquired from "The Angel of Mercy" series depict Antin as "Eleanor Nightingale" as she leaves her Victorian home and ventures into the Crimean War.
While the Art Institue of Chicago is temporarily closed to the public, potential visitors are able to explore the collection virtually by visiting their website
April 21, 2020
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