Marty Schnapf in London

In London, Marty Schnapf is included in a group exhibition, On Tenderness & Time: Xenia Creative Retreat October 2022-23, curated by Jenn Ellis.  


Presented by Xenia, the group exhibition open with a reception on April 25th, from 6-8 pm at  Martin Katz Gallery in Mayfair. Exhibition dates are April 26 - May 3, 2024.  


Xenia is a creative retreat situated in the bucolic landscape of North Hampshire, UK, that provides artists with time, space and an environment for uninterrupted work. The programme invites creatives of all art forms to explore their practice away from their daily routine, allowing the inspiration of nature to stimulate creativity.


A catalogue is being published on the occasion of this exhibition.


Artists include: Yael Weiser, Dean Sidaway ,Aimee Parrott, Liang-Jung Chen, Richard McVetis, Jessie Makinson, Oren Pinhassi, Marcus Cope, Sarah Kate Wilson, Kevin Pinsembert, Danielle Barkat, Sari Nordman, Nicola Gunnarsson, Abbie Griffiths, Marty Schnapf, Gillies Adamson Semple, Mark Jackson

March 16, 2024
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