Jesse Edwards: House of Cards : Project Room

January 10 - February 2, 2019

Diane Rosenstein Gallery is pleased to announce House of Cards, a solo exhibition ceramics and paintings by Jesse Edwards. Edwards, who is based in New York City, uses 17th Century “Delft Blue” glazing techniques over hand-built clay forms, and will show a series of new glazed stoneware “Card Houses” and figurative sculptures.  The card houses are a recurring motif in his practice and are depicted in his oil paintings (also on view).  These built structures are nostalgic symbols of the artist’s childhood, as well as a cunning metaphor of contemporary fragility. 


Edwards’ contemporary human figures are absorbed in their smart phones; while his animal figures are drawn to the enchantments of their natural worlds. Taken together, these ceramics blur the boundaries between traditional and contemporary forms of craft and representation, which is the core of Edwards’ practice.  This is the artist’s third show with the gallery. 

Installation Views